About 1rstFunds

1rst Funds

FirstFunds mission is to become the pre-eminent provider of unsecured cash advance to support the growth of small business enterprises. We will support our clients’ business success by providing immediate access to future credit card receipts, by providing them with an unsecured cash advance.

At 1rstfunds, we understand the need for unsecured business cash advance for small business owners and we are committed to making the funding process as simple and risk-free as possible. You can gain new profits by taking advantage of a powerful untapped asset…your credit. Within just a few days, you can acquire an unsecured cash advance that can help you with your small business expansion or operation.

A business cash advance works by allowing you to borrow against your future Visa or Master Card sales rather than using your personal credit or collateral.The business cash advance amount is deducted from your business’ Visa and Master card receivables, all other revenue earned through cash check or other cards are untouched by the lender.There is no monthly payment schedule or finance charge for an Unsecured business cash advance. This is ideal for people who do not want to apply for any unsecured business loans. An unsecured business cash advance can help your business grow even without going for a business loan.

Our program for unsecured business cash advance allows small business entrepreneurs like you to invest in the future growth of their business through expansion, procurement of essential equipment, or improvement of their operating facility.

Our clients receive all the benefits of the latest technology, our superbly trained associates and our commitment to treat every client interaction with sensitivity, respect and the highest level of integrity.

At First Funds you can qualify for an unsecured business cash advance on your future credit card sales. This type of funding is similar to receivables factoring and it allows you to sell your future receivables at a discount and receive a business cash advance that you can use to meet the cash requirement for your business.

If your business could use an injection of cash – now – please call for full details on our one of a kind program for business cash advance.